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  • Automatic Transmission
  • Vinyl Seats
  • Halogen Headlights
  • Front Dual Reclining Bucket Seats With Headrests
  • Manual Air Conditioning
  • Dual Rear Swing-Out Van Doors
  • Passenger Side Swing-Out Van Door
  • Solar-Ray(R) Tinted Glass

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If you are searching for a cargo van, chances are you have some pretty specific needs and circumstances. Whether you are traveling with a band for a special musical gig in Los Angeles or you are in need of a cargo van to transport other equipment, State Van Rental has you covered.

Why a Cargo Van?
Cargo vans can be used for both personal and business matters. You may be moving to a new apartment or you may be loading drums and other musical equipment for a once-in-a-lifetime gig – whatever the reason, our Chevy Express cargo van will ensure that you and your belongings arrive safely and comfortably at your destination.

As the supreme Los Angeles cargo van rental company, State Van Rental has built its reputation on quality, friendliness, and convenience. Our rentable cargo van features ample room for your cargo load, plus two seats for a driver and passenger. Each of our vans is meticulously cleaned, routinely inspected, and 100% reliable, so you can travel with confidence.

Many Options
Some of our clients need a greater number of passengers with a smaller equipment storage area when they rent their cargo van. In these instances, we recommend our 15-passenger van. This particular van converts certain portions of the vehicle to cargo areas rather than seats, so you can adjust it as you see fit for your needs.

Our van-savvy team is very knowledgeable on what features individuals who are interested in cargo van rental in Los Angeles are looking for when they rent a van. In order to make hauling your cargo the most effortless experience possible, we have included Solar-Ray tinted glass for privacy, passenger-side swing-out doors, dual rear swing-out doors, halogen headlights, and vinyl seats. These features allow for easy loading and unloading of cargo without the fear of destroying the interior of the van. Automatic transmission also makes driving our cargo vans as easy as possible.

Unbeatable Service
We pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned servicing many clients in the rental business over the past 10 years. Our fleet has increased by a steady 40% each year and continues to grow. The reason behind this growth is our strong commitment to both new and returning clients looking for cargo van rental in Los Angeles. We aim to provide our clients with the specific quality vehicle that fits their needs, while also delivering friendly customer service.

Call State Van Rental today at 1-888-826-5212 or (310)641-7000 to see how we can make transporting your belongings quick, efficient, and safe. For more seating you may want to also consider our other van options such as the 7,8,12, or 15 passenger vans. See how State Van Rental stands apart from the competition.